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Shawn Brosnans, Managing Director: Formiga1

From starting as an employee for a local company to part owner and General Manager of Formiga1 which is now undertaking international work, I can honestly say I would never have understood my potential or reached any of my goals without a coach.

Before my boss encouraged me to undergo coaching, I didn’t want to be a manager, nor did I want to own or run my own business. I was taken out of my comfort zone when I moved from a position of employee to that of manager. I had no understanding of how applying coaching processes would work or how it would affect our business. Back then, I couldn’t see how business could be rewarding, let alone enjoyable. That was 12 years ago. I have learned a lot since then.

Many business people talk about learning through trial and error. I quickly realised the benefits of learning and developing new skills with the help of my coach. I discovered that once I opened my mind to new ideas and released the “I know that” mentality, my understanding and application of not just business principles, but professional and life principles, started to become more real. It has impacted positively on both my professional and personal life.

In 2017, Formiga1 suffered a major setback when the Perth office was disbanded, causing serious financial issues. In fact, this has been the biggest challenge for the company to date. Our client base had been sabotaged by the manager of that office and we had to act quickly to limit the impact and protect the business. Thanks to the systems, processes, and structures that govern the business, as well as an enhanced company culture, we were able to withstand the 2017 storm without seeking financial support. We are now in the process of opening a new service division and self funding the establishment of new offices in Melbourne and Auckland.

The business has continued to grow in line with expectations. While unfortunate, the closure of the Perth office provided invaluable learnings in business strategies for better team development and retention, better business and team focus for company branding, as well as increased quality control and forecasting. I believe that my coaching with my ActionCOACH Steve Wamner helped me build resilience into the business so that it was able to bounce back from that setback.

In the past year, I have focused on building resilience in my team as well as instil in them a self belief of their limitless capabilities. By providing a level of support and coaching that has helped them to improve themselves and their own performance, I have been able to focus on developing new markets and service

We have created a five year business plan for the business, with each office having its own five year plan. This means that each office is able to create a tailored future, based on their specific environment and their clients’ unique needs while staying aligned with the overall direction and vision for the company. A key driver of our success is the buy-in from our team members and the application of our company culture into all facets of our business, from internal communications and client service to recruitment and team empowerment

Through developing the business processes and systems, I have firsthand experience in all aspects of the business and in everything our team does, as well as the knowledge on how to implement it. This allows me to have the correct balance of empathy while understanding where my role requires me to guide or coach the team member rather than undertake the function myself. It has been a great learning curve.

I am still focused on continuous learning and on coaching our team because I believe that that to be the best and achieve your fullest potential, you need an independent person to help you to recognise what you don't see or don't want to see. It is with this belief that all of our branch managers are required to have a business coach.

The best athletes in the world have coaches and so do the best businesspeople. Who else will provide objectivity? Who else is going to hold you accountable? Who else will be there to guide you to implement the changes and improvements that are needed to create a better business and a better you?

Twelve years ago, I couldn’t imagine being a manager or a business owner and actually enjoying it. Through coaching, I have come to understand my potential and I have developed a love for business, as well as how I can use the business to support myself, my family, my staff and communit

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